Rather Be Dead

Complaining about the many ways we wasted our lives.

December 22nd, 2016    

The worst Christmas idea ever

This week is our official unofficial christmas episode. We start with a discussion of Santa in school and threatening kids with a fat man breaking into their house as a reward for being good. Then Mike introduces a new game called "The Worst idea ever". Remember our Game of Thrones contest where you send a screen shot of a review of our show on iTunes and are entered in a drawing to win a game of thrones rubix cube. All entries can be sent to @rbdpodcast on twitter or rbdpodcast@gmail.com.

December 19th, 2016    

Rich’s Ridiculous Music Game

Rather Be Dead invites a return guest Jay back. We start the show hearing Mike's bad luck striking again. A women taking moneey from a homeless man and rich introduces a new music based game. Listen to hear who wins. Also stay tuned for details about our Game of Thrones 

December 8th, 2016    

Serial Killers and Oreo Cookies

Mike and Rich continue their attempts at keeping the podcast going by recording a new episode. This week we welcome back our friend Mike Knapp from the WIOX radio show the Main Event. We start out talking about Meta World Peace being sexually assaulted by a ghost. Move onto a surprising and disturbing discussion on serial killers and end the night talking about how many Oreo cookies can you eat and still consider yourself on a diet. Please listen and review to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. 

December 1st, 2016    

It’s a Mike Mic Mike Mic World

Hey were back! After a long break Mike and Rich decide to start bothering people with our insane discussions and life views. This week we reintroduce ourselves by reading some dirty limericks. We try out a new segment where we go inside Mike's brain and what he thinks on a day to day basis and we get to hear Rich tell a take of making a waiter's life a living hell.

July 26th, 2016    

Pokemon Go and Jury Duty

This week Rich and Mike discuss the growing phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, then they discuss an article about cell phones causing long wait times at restaurants, and dive into having to serve Jury Duty. 

July 12th, 2016    

Counter Strike and Ambulances

This week rich and Mike invite a new friend Matt to come and waste some time with us. We talk about his past as a armature Counter Strike player. The idea of people needing to see car accidents and other tragedies. Charlie Sheen's new condom why people need to watch sports live and cheer at bars hundreds of miles away. Rich rails against Youtube stars. Our old man rants that Dub Step is just noise and not music. Lastly Rich once again tells us stories from security guard duty.

June 28th, 2016    

NY State Magic The Gathering Champion (repost)

Here it is guys the story that started it all. Our long time friend and co-host Scott tell the amazing story of how he won the 2000 NY state championship of Magic the Gathering. It is a real Rudy story where a 15 year old nobody rose through the ranks and beat one of the most famous Magic players to take the win. Rich and Mike sit in awe of his fantastic story. Please rate the show to help us gain some more people listening to great stories like this.

June 13th, 2016    

Bouncing at Free Comic Book Day

This week our friend Scott sits in again. Mike tells tales of potty training his daughter. While Rich and Scott brag about winning their bowling league. Then Rich tells a harrowing tale of free comic book day and having to do a presentation after a raffle. Then he talks about his new job as a bouncer and the benefits of standing on a stage at a night club where no one wants to look at you.

May 17th, 2016    

The Pope’s Toliet

This week Rich speaks of a gas station bathroom that is a portal to another dimension. A cat named Mr. Fluffy is leaving body parts all over the house. And a dog named buttercup is pooping in strange places.

May 2nd, 2016    

Ep 21 LI Geek Con/ Tech support Hell

This week Rich continues expanding on his new adventurous life as he talks about doing a panel at Long Island Geek Convention about his comic book and the art of making comics. Rich explains the limited draw of this local convention. Hiding from security, a near miss argument with a DC comic artist and how the whole almost fell apart at the last minute. Mike tries to join in by telling a story from his tales of tech support hell. They also both tell tales of having to do best man speeches.

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