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April 18th, 2016    

Ep 20 RBD - Bowling with Basketballs

This week Rich regals us with his experience playing basketball on the Suffolk County Freelancers. A rag tag group of misfits who sometime win amateur league basketball games. Then he moves on to his Bowling league and the creepy sad losers who are different from him somehow even though they all bowl in the same league. 

April 5th, 2016    

Ep 19 RBD - Tony Tiger’s Twitter

This week Rather Be Dead invites back Dan McInerney to help us go through some news articles we found. We talk Tay the  Microsoft twitter bot and how no one but assholes would be twitting it to begin with. Then we talk about a root bear that helps with assisted suicide and shame Mike when we realize the real secret of the article. Rich goes on a rant about breakfast cereal mascots after mentioning that furrie's tweet at Tony the Tiger and we end talking about the Burger King kids club. Listen now and subscribe.


March 21st, 2016    

Ep 18 RBD - Horse with No Name and other stupid songs

Rather Be Dead Invited Dan McInerney bad as our expert in music lyrics. Have you ever really though about what "A Horse with No Name" means. Or why Color Me Bad is as serious as cancer. Listen and find out.

March 7th, 2016    

EP 17 RBD - The premier of Wrestler Film Federation

Today Rather Be dead is proud to showcase the premier episode of our new podcast Wrestler Film Federation.  The podcast where three judges pit two films starring professional wrestlers against each other and decide which one deserves to be the winner. For our first film we could not do better than No Holds Barred. This film is amazing and deserves the title of the first ever WFF champion. Mike "Baby Gorilla Hands" McInerney, Rich "The Million Dollar Brain" Spinello, and "Fatty Jackson" judge and score this movie on our 5 category system. Those scores will be used to compare with our next film to see which film will pile drive the other into submission.

We also take a look at some wrestler cameos in movies in our under-card fights. Can Kevin Nash as Super Shredder beat Triple H as a vampire in Blade Trinity? Or will The Big Show's Captain Insano defeat Macho Man Randy Savage as Bonesaw and take the whole thing? Listen to find out.

February 23rd, 2016    

Ep 16 - League of Ledgends

This week RBD is honored to have Dan McInerney a member of Riot Game's League of Legends professional broadcasting team to talk professional gaming and video streaming. Can e-sports break out of the stereo type of people sitting alone in their basements and join the realm of main stream sports? We discuss League of Legends and MMOs in general. Where we see the e-sports going in the future and what will make it easier for the masses to get involved in professional gaming.

February 9th, 2016    

Ep 15 RBD - Netflix themed game

This week Rich takes control of the show and brings us a new game he created. Netflix life necessity or bottom abyss of madness. We invite our friend Jay in to compete with Mike in this movie themed game show. We try to come up with titles for movies based on their plots and see how many actors we can name in famous movies. Like everything on Rather Be Dead some how it is religious themes. So sit back and chill as we Netflix.

January 27th, 2016    

EP 14 RBD - Star Wars of Thrones

This week the guys of Rather Be Dead talk Star Wars the Force Awakens, dive into the cannon of the galaxy far far away, talk some sad Game of Thrones news, and some random articles we found online. Is believing in god a mental illness? If you could change the color of your poop what would you choose?

January 11th, 2016    

Ep 13 RBD - “Clickbait” The Fake News Game Show

This week we are trying out a new segment. Clickbait the fake news game show. Mike and Rich invite some special guests tot he show for this special episode. We welcome back our old friend Scott and host of the main event Mike Knapp joins in on the fun and test out this new game.

Listen to the guys try to figure out how many eyeballs a man has up his ass or for what unusual reason two boys hired hookers. If you like the game and want us to do it it again reach out to us on twitter @rbdpodcast or email rbdpodcast@gmail.com.

December 23rd, 2015    

Ep 12 RBD - The Main Event WIOX Radio

For the past few months The Rather Be Dead guys have been invited as guest on Michal Knapp's radio sports show called The Main Event. It broadcasts on WIOX Radio out of the Catskills. Since the holiday season rages on this week I am posting the first episode we did with Knapp here. If you enjoy the show you can check us out every Sunday at 6pm. You can stream the show at www.wioxradio.org or download their app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wiox/id413020829?mt=8

December 14th, 2015    

Ep 11 RBD - Boarded Up: Deadliest Catch Sea Adventure Game

Today RBD is trying a new segment called Boarded Up, this is where we try out a board game and decide if it is worth your time or if we would Rather Be Dead than play it (see what I did there). The first game we tried was Deadliest Catch: Sea Adventure Game. So does this game capture the non-stop thrills of a reality show about people on a boat for weeks at a time or is it a dead fish. Listen now to find out.

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